The music marketing guide to promote your artistic activity

Do you row to promote your music group? Music marketing, visual elements, social networks, there are many elements to consider to maximize your visibility. Here are some good tips to effectively promote your music project!

Have you chosen to be an artist, musician or singer in a music group? I guess it’s first of all because you like to play music, but also because you like to share it. Promoting your artistic project becomes an essential step in moving your project forward.

Yes, amateur band musicians must now also be a tourer, graphic designer or community manager in addition to being a musician or singer!

1 – Music marketing to highlight and promote your project!

Some people are afraid of it, others even consider it as a swearword or a blasphemy… Yet, any musician or music group who wants to get out of the game cannot do without the advertising material! Music marketing then serves the artistic identity of a group and its visibility.

The purpose of marketing in music?

It is very simple: to make your project known and give you the means to discover yourself, among the countless number of already existing music groups. That is to say:

– make your project known

– encourage the public to come to your concerts

– sell albums, EPs and merchandising

– increase the number of your downloads (Bandcamp)

– find new concert dates, organize new tours

– to be programmed on festivals

– increase the number of views of your videos on YouTube

– develop your fan base on social networks (Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, etc.)

In short, music marketing is essential to develop everything related to your artistic project. The ultimate goal? Allow you to continue the adventure and give scope to your project! you must give yourself the means that we discover you. Are you talented? Let it be known! You probably know this, but talent is not enough… Unfortunately. It must be accompanied by marketing tools to stand out in the jungle of the music world.

Marketing is not about imitating the few stars of the charts, it’s about exposing your personality, showing that your music exists and deserves to be heard.

2 – A guideline and coherence in the promotion of your artistic group or activity

If you want to be effective in promoting your music band, be consistent in your promotion and communication, you have time and you want to promote it like a pro?

The best thing is to develop a marketing plan for your music project, as explained on the website. A marketing plan consists of:

– analyse your musical niche

– know your target audience

– define objectives

– allocate a budget to your actions

– create a provisional schedule of your actions

It is a long and tedious work that will certainly bear fruit! Do you want to see an example? Take a look at Alt-J’s marketing plan.

Otherwise, simply harmonize all your media with the same news. Are you releasing a new EP? Launch the info by creating:

– a Facebook banner

– a Soundcloud banner

– a Twitter banner

– a YouTube banner

– a news on your website or blog

– several Facebook posts

– several posts on Instagram

– a video teaser to relay on all your media

All these supports must be identical (same visuals, same typos and same information) to remain consistent.

To make it easier for you to format all these documents, I recommend that you test Canva. There are templates in predefined formats, from Facebook banners to Soundcloud banners and all communication media, designing a newsletter has never been easier!

If you use Canva Pro, it’s even faster: you can crop your designs to fit all media with a single click with the “Abracadabra – Resize” function.

3 – Clips, making-of, etc. be present on YouTube

YouTube has now become a real search engine (the 2nd search engine after Google to be exact). Artists, musicians and bands are on YouTube!

Which videos should be uploaded to YouTube?

– clips

– making-of on the creation of the new album for example

– tour videos

Need some advice for a clip? Read How to make your first video clip by Riffx ! Want to see an example of a video clip that made the buzz without means? Boom Babba Do Ba Dabba from Powersolo, with a simple video and dingo : more than 260 000 views for this Danish band recognized in the indie scene only, it’s not bad ! You want to try your luck for the buzz of the year? Do a cover version and upload it to YouTube! Covers are all over YouTube.

Now get to work: get your band or art project off the ground! Quality, creativity and patience are the key words!

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